Richard Garvey – To Grow

1. Like A Tree
2. Grow
3. The Neighbour Song
4. Starving Artist
5. Share the Circle Earth
6 herunterladen. The Harvest
7. Listen Well
8. Wake up your love

All songs by Richard Garvey, 2011  (MAPL, SOCAN)

Richard Garvey – voice, guitar

Laura Ashfield – vocal harmony (4 & 6)

Jeremy Bernard – engineer

Group singers – Janice Lee, Polly Edwards, Darren Creech, Joey Bell, Michelle
Horel, Laura Ashfield, Amy Hunter, Adam ‘F’ Lewis, Ciaran Myers, Kali Greve, Florian Ong, and more (I can’t remember)

Cover Photo by Keegan Quart

Photo Art by Polly Edwards

Mixed and Mastered at Station Records, Stratford, ON herunterladen.


Richard Garvey – To Grow
A collection of songs inspired by a community that desires justice, collaboration and well-being herunterladen. The songs explore what it means to grow as individuals and collectively. Richard searches for joy through the sorrows of pulling the weeds of consumer/worker roles from our lives to begin harvesting the fruit of intentional community youtube videos ios downloaden.

The CD was recorded live off the floor with a small community sing-along supporting Rich as he shared his heart and invited the impromptu choir to take part kostenloser downloader für youtube.